The Big B U T . . .

You want to travel B U T – you think you can’t because:

  • No money
  • No time
  • Don’t feel safe away from home base
  • Can’t speak a foreign language
  • Don’t understand foreign money
  • Not sure where to go
  • ……… And, on it goes!

Your first step is simply buy a BIG WALL CALENDAR and hang it in a conspicuous place.  You need to be able to see it every day.

Begin by noting in the calendar the day you’ll get a map of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa or Antarctica – wherever you want to go.

Next, mark the day you will apply for a passport if you do not have one or renew if it is close to the expiration date. Include the cost on the calendar. Your local post office has passport forms available.

After deciding where you want to go, indicate WHY you want to see this place, what specifically is your goal.  For instance, when I began my adventures it was to visit UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites.  I culled the enormous list from the web and listed them in the order of my travel, England to Ireland, to Spain, etc.

If you have piles of money at your disposal you can skip this step;  otherwise get a tablet, pen and your thinking cap. Consider this project as creating a retirement resume.  IF you want to travel frugally one of the ways is to volunteer in exchange for accommodation and often meals as well.

Make a generous list of all the skills, talents, and knowledge you possess.

Cull the list and put it into the order you would be willing to use these talents.  For instance: when I was young I picked fruit during summer months.  It is a skill but I would put picking fruit as the last item on my list.

  • Good with pets
  • Love to hike
  • Can make balloon characters
  • Great cook
  • Mechanical hands
  • Taught English, home economics, sports, kindergarten, etc.
  • Gardening fool
  • IT certified
  • Accounting, marketing, sales, or other skills.
  • Childcare (very marketable skill)

Q:  So, where do I find this volunteering stuff?

A: On line!  The two most popular sites for multiple skills are:

WORKAWAY and HELPX, yep the spelling is correct. If you are an animal lover try this site: TRUSTED HOUSE-SITTERS, through whom I spent 10 days in a wine valley in Spain taking care of two big dogs.  The job was walking them in a one mile route twice a day. For this I had the house to myself.  You can peruse these sites without subscribing but need the subscription to contact sites.

NOTE: There are more sites than these availabile, but many will charge you big bucks to volunteer for their organizations.  Read carefully!

If you are interested in working on a farm check out WWOOFING.

Well, if you have COMPLETED the items to this point you should either be excited or terrified – but, don’t be terrified I’ll hold your hand!

Mark on your calendar the web addresses and prices for the annual subscription to the one(s) you chose.  Once you have subscribed be sure to check the REVIEWS section to see what others have said.

You should have enough information to keep you busy for a few weeks, so make it a fun project.  Opportunities are  limitless.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2