Sumptuous $4.50 Breakfast in L’viv, Ukraine

My friend Liliya brought me to BAR BACZEWSKI a place I had seen during my wanderings around Lviv; but, passed by because the picture window was advertising alcohol and I was not looking for alcohol.

She explained that this was a very posh restaurant; and took me inside.  She explained that even if there were tables available for dinner if you did not have a reservation they would not seat you, but the breakfast was a really great deal.

Liliya told me that I must be there about 7:30 in the morning. The doors opened at 8 and there was always a line of people waiting to get in for the breakfast.


I was Number Four in line yesterday morning and by the time the doors opened there must have been 30 or 35 people in line behind me.


Consider the price at Starbucks or any other nice coffee shop you will pay $4.50, approximately, for a coffee and maybe a pastry.  At this buffet your choices are amazing as you can see by the above photo.  You have a glass of wine, a glass of champagne, coffee or a tea and your choice of breakfast items for $4.50.


And the ambience is absolutely free!


Beautiful yellow cockatiels chirping away joyfully as you peruse the buffet tables.


Omelette made to order!


Fruit delights and champagne!


Coffee tea and pastry!

IMG_20170929_085717Enjoy your breakfast with Chopin, Mozart or other famous European composers played on a piano.  The $4.50 breakfast. Eat your heart out!

I will be returning tomorrow morning at 7:30.






2 thoughts on “Sumptuous $4.50 Breakfast in L’viv, Ukraine

    1. Ukraine is one of those places that most people would not choose for a vacation, but it has a thousand years of history, beautiful architecture, hospitable people, and is very affordable as you can see.


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