The Yard of Lost Toys, Lviv

When you were a child did you ever lose a toy?  It just disappeared. Did you accuse your brother or sister? Did you continue to search for it? Maybe the toy decided to find a new home on its own like a cat or dog that wanders off and ends up at someone else’s house. Perhaps that’s why Vacily Petrovich​ felt compelled to save two toys he found abandoned near his home in Lviv, Ukraine hoping the child would return and claim them.

Today there are hundreds of toys in this urban courtyard a short distance from The Church of Our Lady of the Snow and Rynok Square where you can buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables every day except Sunday.



The courtyard was a bit tricky to find because although the address was on Kniazia Lva 3, the entrance was on the backside on a different street.  But the search ended with an​ interesting find.  A treasure hunt of sorts.

The Yard of Lost Toys

The story goes that Vasily found two abandoned toys and in hopes that the child or children would come looking for them, he placed the safely on a shelf, under a narrow roof in the courtyard.  Unfortunately for the children and the toys, they were never to be together again.

But, something else happened.  Other toys began to mysteriously show up in Vasily’s courtyard.  Some were placed there by Vasily’s neighbours – but, who is to know if all of them were placed or perhaps other just decided to leave home because the children outgrew them, or sadly, they might have been mistreated.  Who knows?

But today you will find hundreds of toys – stuffed animals, tin trucks, dolls, wind up toys, tricycles, pails and shovels and rakes to use at the beach or in the  sandbox.

Take a photo on the swing set or decaying teeter-totter.  Or, if you find the lost toy from your childhood; or one that you would like to take home, you are encouraged to give it a loving forever home.


So, when you visit Lviv remember to leave room in the suitcase for your new found treasure 😋


2 thoughts on “The Yard of Lost Toys, Lviv

  1. Loving these posts, and enjoying travelling round the world with you. Lots of questions pop into my head though! Are you travelling with a set plan on the countries, areas you are visiting? Or is it a bit of a loose plan, so can change.

    Do you book up places in advance to stay, or just find them when you arrive?

    Know you have been to Luxor, Egypt. While there did you visit any other places in Egypt?

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time exploring the world, and why not! So many places to see and experiences. Have you found you can get by with English language, or do you have a few others up your sleeve?

    When your updates pop up, always excited to read where you are, and what you have been doing.


    1. Wow, lots of questions. I do have a loose plan to see UNESCO Sites; and, I use WorkAway, HelpX, Trusted House-sitters and other sites to find opportunities.

      Ukraine was a spur of the moment decision that worked out well. Yes, English usually is enough but I can get by with Spanish also.

      In Egypt I did visit Cairo and Giza, but mainly the many sites around Luxor. This winter I will include Alexandria.

      Thanks for the interesting comment.


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