Shared Passion!

What do these cities have in common?

They all share an international designation, along with 10 more cities.

Dublin, Ireland
Krakow, Poland
Iowa City, USA
Tartu, Estonia
Barçelona, Spain
Baghdad, Iraq
Lviv, Ukraine
Obidos, Portugal
Montevideo, Uruguay
And, Nottingham, England

Just looking at the list you could summize that it would have something to do with cultural diversity. Ok, maybe not Iowa City, Iowa or Baghdad.

Let’s put on the old thinking cap and see if you can find the common denominator of this puzzle.

Clue #1: All of the cities must demonstrate their active participation in traditional and new media in the promotion of this “product”; and, seriously endeavor to find new sources/markets in which to promote, sell or distribute this “product”.  OK, not much help there, huh.

You understand that the most difficult clues come first on the list, don’t you?

Clue #2: This product can cause people to love or hate one another; change the way some people see political or social issues.  It has started wars, encited hatred, been a mirror into the soul, left children giggling, and gave some people the idea that we could fly to the moon.

Clue #3: Some of the people who directly or indirectly contributed to this “product” have received a Nobel Prize for this category. And some have gone down in flames in history.

Another criteria a city must meet in order to have this distinguished title bestowed upon them is this: the city must have effective educational programs including foreign and domestic services for children of all ages and people in various economic and social groups.  In other words, available to all people in the city.

Stuck?  Perhaps the names of the other 10 cities will help you.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Melbourne, Australia

Heidleberg, Germany

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dunedin, New Zealand

Prague, Czech Republic

Granada, Spain

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ulyanovsk, Russia

And, Norwich, England

Still stumped?  Ok, here are some names of people responsible for developing this “product”.  Adolph Hitler, William Shakespeare, Plato, Arthur C. Clarke, Tolstoy, Dr. Seuss, Ernest Hemingway, Kitty Kelly, Alexander McCall Smith, Daniel DeFoe, Mark Twain,  Donald Trump and Stephen Hawking.

Do you think you have it now?  Fill in the blanks.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

Oops, not quite there, yet?

Clue #4:  The city must have both public and private locations to store, preserve, showcase (as in festivals, exhibits, etc), demonstrate and encourage the use of this product in all of its many forms.  This includes entrepreneurial, traditional, and foreign translation which also would include music and dance.

This program was initiated in 2002 as the UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity to encourage entrepreneurial and creative potential of small enterprise.  The Creative Cities designation includes literature, music, film, media, gastronomy, folk arts, crafts and design.

The 20 cities listed above are all Cities Of Literature and I would think be of interest to all bibleopheliacs/bookworms.  The next time you want to travel to a place that is big on literature check out Slovenia, Uruguay or Iraq.  For those of you a bit less adventurous try Prague, Edinburgh or Dublin, all of which have literary tours of the cities.  Just looking for a little road trip?  Iowa City may be your choice.  Just be happy, read books!


Stay tuned for the next blog: Ireland’s “Tidy Towns”. A book we could all take a page from.







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