Prague (almost)

I say.”almost” because I mis-calculated my travel date and thought I had scheduled 2 days to see Prague after the Angloville English Immersion Program, but as it turned out I actually had 5 hours.

So, let me first say, this Angloville experience was very different from the one in my last blog (Poznan).  Participants were different, venue was different, native English speakers were different, in a good way and the food -sorry Poland- was outstanding because the chef had experience in a Michelin star restaurant. One evening we had hand made ice cream in lavender, banana, orange and chocolate flavors …. ohhhh sooooo gooood,

Between Prague and the golf course Angloville venue we saw these Volkswagens made into cows/bulls.  Sorry the photos are not better, but the driver would not slow down for a foto shoot I was lucky to get this between oncoming traffic..

IMG_6739 (2)

Prague is not a city you can see in 5 hours, not even on a hop on/hop off bus.  Prague is not a city that you would even want to TRY to see in 5 hours .. so much beauty, history, food, activities, wacky stuff and entertainments.

What can I say about Prague?  It took my breath away.

IMG_6752 (2)
Hand painted Easter eggs, no two exactly the same.  Can you even IMAGINE trying to create newer and newer designs for these eggs?


Hot Lips – Hot Love, over the forge.  Hefaistos makes blacksmithing look easy.  Their brochure says they are able to forge fences, staircases, railings and various design accessories. Today they were making jewelry.  It looks like they can also forge love and kisses


No thank you, not today.  I’ve climbed the tower in St. Ann’s, Cork; and the cathedral in Valencia.  This one is just as narrow as St. Ann’s and more steps than Valencia.  Maybe when I come back in July. But, I hear the view is spectacular on a clear day.


Breathtakingly beautiful glass!


Two enormous shopping centers across the street from each other .. how much better can that get for shopping addicts?


Had to add this photo because the scents were heavenly.

Sorry for the rush, I’ll do better next time.

Now it’s on to La Colliniere B&B near the town of Dreux, France where I will get to meet a woman who befriended me when I was 20 and living in the tiny village of St. Remy sur Loire, while my hubby was stationed at Evreux-Fauville AFB the year DeGaulle said Americans go home, but leave all of your valuable stuff here. I have not seen or spoken with her in 52 years .. what a joy this will be, for both of us!

BTW, you might want to look at my other blog, about “small world” experiences and coincidences — are there really any coincidences.  If you read the comments by Karen in the sidebar of this blog, you can read the “rest of the story” at

6 thoughts on “Prague (almost)

  1. I’m not at all surprised you liked Prague so much. I visited central Europe about 15 years ago, including Vienna, Salzburg, and Vienna as well. I thought before my trip Prague would be the city I would like the least of the four, but it turned out for me to be quite the opposite. Under the Communists I understand the Check regime was one of the more repressive of the Soviet satellites. I expected Prague to be dreary. But just ten years after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Prague was a thriving, bustling city even then. I’m happy to see the trend has continued.


  2. I just recently discovered your wonderful blog. I am 74 and would love to do what you are doing, but don’t have the courage, health or resources to “just do it”. In the meantime I will enjoy your adventures vicariously. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. As always Sherrill I have a blast reading your amazing experiences and enjoying them right along beside you! It helps me get through the tedium of forcing my daughter to do her homework while I finish laundry and make dinner! Hugs Tammy!


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