6 wonderful and intensive days culminating in an unforgettable educational experience” is what you will have when you immerse yourself in an English Immersion program.

If you are a native English Speaker and are a person who loves to teach, share, be a role model, learn or develop new friendships you may want to look into participating in one of these programs.

Yes, it is 6 days. Yes, it can be intensive. Yes, you will be speaking English from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening … but you speak English all day anyway so what is the difference?

Do I need to have experience teaching .. no.  The program is laid out for you and it is directed at the learning opportunity for the local speaker.  If you can follow written directions or are not shy about asking a question you can do this.

A social time is available in the evenings for charades, playing pool or cards, karaoke, or other types of entertainment.  If you enjoy fun and games you will like this!

There are group activities throughout the program. At the end of the program each local speaker gives a 5-10 minute presentation on the subject of their choice and it is a time when you can learn something you did not know either about the participant or the topic.  (these are local participants in a group activity)

The difference is that you will be meeting other English speaking travelers from Britain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the US. People from all walks of life and all ages with different skill sets, opinions, experiences … and all willing to share what they know.

For instance, we (from the US) learned that there is a formal and prior agreement between the US and Poland that allows us to stay in Poland and additional 90 days beyond the Schengen time limit.  We were stoked!!!

At the Poznan, Poland site … a riding academy .. I was not awakened by an alarm clock, but instead, by the sound of horses frolicing in the soft dirt and whinnying to each other.

So, what’s in it for you (WIIFM)? 5 nights at a 4 or 5 star resort; the opportunity to meet enthusiastic local people who really want to improve their English. You will hear stories of people’s lives, play games, learn things about the country that you did not know, eat local foods and make new friends.  I met local  doctors, a woman who owned a rehab center, a cosmetic company owner, online entrepreneurs, sales manager for a large telecom and a port authority manager.

Breakfast is served!

Today I write to you from a golf resort in the Czech Republic where I am joined by 2 of my Poznan English speakers and new Czech learners.

This is my room at the golf resort.  Most rooms are shared, so you will have an English speaking “roomie” .

Are you interested? Will you be traveling in Poland, Hungary, Romania,  or the Czech Republic? Then go to ANGLOVILLE and sign up!  As a bonus .. in the Angloville program you have the opportunity to get your TEFL certification.

And what does it cost?  Just your time!

You are responsible for getting to the city where you will meet your group/leader.  During the program at the location your room and meals are all comp’d but any alcohol or extras are your responsibility.

If you are traveling in Spain go to VaughanTown; or, if you want to teach in Spain or Germany go to Diverbo and sign up.

Happy Trails to you … until we meet again


2 thoughts on “Angloville

  1. Looking forward to volunteering at Angloville someday. I’ve already volunteered at Englishausen in Germany and Diverbo is Spain. The same type of program. I found your link as I saw your review on Laura G.’s program in Italy. I will be going there in October, and she will be coming her to volunteer at our Italian camp in Buffalo, NY. BTW, I looked at your linkned profile and we see that your were coordinator of the military TAP. That was a great seminar. I’m retired Air Force, and I found that 3-day seminar very worthwhile. Karen (


    1. I’m quite impressed with how many things we have in common. I also grew up less than 25 miles from Buffalo. So happy to hear about your connection with Laura as well. Were you aware that Angloville now has a program in Dublin, Ireland as well. Perhaps we will meet someday along the path. Thank you for your imput.


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