Kosovo to Poznan via Berlin

Well, it was a wet couple of days between Prishtina, Kosovo and Poznan, Poland and that was not the worst of it. No one told me that there was a time change on the day I left … and not in my favor. Luckily, I like to be ready ahead of time, so when the taxi arrived and I tried to tell him he was 45 minutes early … instead, his dispatcher told me he was actually 15 minutes late … and, we needed to shake a leg to make the flight. Yikes!!!

It was crunch time, not just because we were running late, but also because I was flying with EasyJet, a low-cost european airline .. pack ’em in. Flights to regional airports with the extra “gym” bonus of having to carry your bags up and down stairs .. no elevators for these hard core flyers.  Schoenefeld Airport here I come!

Two nights in a small pension in the town of Schoenfeld.  I believe there are 3 rooms to let; but, they also have a huge airport parking lot behind the house.IMG_6028

While at the pension I did require snacks, which gave me an excuse to walk the neighborhood to the Aldi market (a multi-national grocery chain, based in Germany)  where I was shocked and amazed to find … Where are my Trader Joe’s shoppers … yes, I found Trader Joe products!

Well, now I had to research how TJ’s products ended up in Germany (I actually brought my TJ’s grocery bag with me).  So, it seems that Aldi Nord (owned by one of the two brothers) owns Trader Joe’s … well, knock me over with a feather, I always thought it was an AMERICAN store.

Want more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldi

Ok, done with that tirade.

Although I’ve been to Germany severals times, it’s never been to Berlin.  I guess I was expecting it to be more like Munich or Frankfurt. Berlin, however was very different for me in that it is not high on my list of “pretty cities” like Valencia or Florence, but more on an industrial level as most of the buildings were stark, boxy and grey. Of course, they do have some very ornate “vintage” buildings like the Berliner Dome, the Reichstag and other governmental buildings. Loved the train station in central Berlin .. all glass and steel, very modern and well utilized; full of shops, cafes,  train information center and 1st class waiting area.


Extremely disappointed in the Wall ..or what is left of it after the “wall-peckers” as they are called, have taken chunks out to either sell or keep .. don’t people realize these are historic treasures, not commercial ventures? And, Checkpoint Charlie was less than expected as well. The Brandenburg Gate was still standing as proud as ever and a “fair” of sorts was in progress at Alexanderplatz, where you can get cookies that say almost anything.


Moving on to the travel day and an early start (remember, I like to be early).  I thought since I was going to the train station at Schoenefeld airport at 10 am, there would not be much of a crowd.  Surprise!  Not one, but two flight had just arrived and a ton of people were trying to get tickets and get on trains into the city. I just stood back for 25 minutes and let them go at it.  Then I got my ticket and hauled my stuff up the ramp to the track area.


Of course it wasn’t much better on the train, as all of these people were waiting for the same train as ….  me.

IMG_6119 (2)

You realize that it looks this way through the whole train and that every seat IS FULL.  I stood all the way – actually it was only 20 minutes – to Berlin.  And,  I now had 2 hours in the station to eat, rest and visit the loo.

Onward to Poznan.  It is still a dreary day, light drizzle here and there, no weather for picture taking and not much to look at along the way, either.  Arriving at Poznan the station was dreary, the people were dreary…do I need to draw you a picture?  I was feeling mighty dreary that day!  Oh, poor dreary me.

Lugging  my bag up the dreary escalator I began to see some light; and, at the top I thought I had arrived in heaven.  It was a MALL, a big, bright, shiny mall with a huge glass wall and stores and cafes; and right at the front was a McDONALD’S .. well maybe not quite such a good thing.  I dragged my bag through the automatic rotating door; and, what should appear at my right hand, but a lovely cafe with real food, fresh baked bread topped with seeds and nuts, sandwiches made with real lettuce and tomato’s and cucumbers and lovely cheese and fresh hot tea … really what more could a girl want .. ok, maybe some chocolate cake.  Ahhh, I see it .. in the pastry cooler with all of the lovely  dessert selections


Of course I couldn’t read what anything said so I fell back on the universal language – pointing!  It was sooooo good,  soooooo fresh, sooooo needed right now.


The next time you find yourself on that dreary escalator up from the dreary train platform in Poznan, Poland, just know that at the top, if you make a hard right inside that glass door you can have what I just had … it’s worth the trip!

All tucked in now at the Poco Loco Hostel in Poznan.

Just so you know, I’ll be taking off my traveler hat for the next 3 days and putting on my tourist hat.

Hope you have a sunny day!



















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