Valencia “Bright City”, Spain

  • During the 1st century Valencia became a city, but did not attain the status of a major city until the 3rd century.
  • In the 6th century Valencia became part of the kingdom of the Visigoths (German tribes).
  • In 718 the Moors (Arabs) took over Valencia (and, again brought those fabulous oranges).  They ruled Valencia for 5 centuries. In the 11th century the ruler built walls to surround the city.
  • At the end of the 11th century, the great Spanish soldier, El Cid  (link: for history buffs. The History of El Cid)  defeated the Moors and took over the city. He ruled Valencia until his death. After the death of El Cid, the Moors once again took control of the city.
  • On October 9, 1238, King Jaime I (James) defeated the Moors.  He redesigned the city.  He built a marketplace outside of the walls.  He had churches built.   However, he did not do anything to harm either the Moors or the Jewish population. (If you read my blog of Mallorca, you might remember King James I who built the chapel in the city of Palma on the island of Mallorca).
  • And on November 16 Sherrill and Rhonda invaded Valencia by bus.

Come and see Valencia with us 

  •  Valencia Cathedral One of the cities more controversial claims to fame is that it has what is supposed to be the Holy Grail, the actual cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper, although that claim is also upheld by several other places around the world too.
Holy Chalice
Holy Chalice
Church of the Virgin, Valencia Spain
The Cathedral of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.  With the tower (see photo below) one can hike up for a view of the city, and we did .. 207 steps each way.

We climbed this tower.

Remaining towers protecting the city of Valencia, Spain
Remaining towers protecting the city of Valencia, Spain


  • Mercado Central, this ain’t no Safeway store.  Remember to click on the photos to open them up!


Mercado Centralrotunda in the mercado centralfresh mushrooms







Creative history lessons given by an actor in period costume, whom I followed around for about 30 minutes.

History teacher

Children were entranced with her story
Children were entranced with her story

Since Rhonda arrived in Spain, several things I have taken for granted came to light as things different from America

  1. Always take toilet paper to the “bano, aseao, sanitaria, toilet, loo, bathroom” because no matter how nice the restaurant, there may not be paper available.
  2. You do not flush paper down the toilet, there is always a bin available for you to use.  Good idea, it saves money for the sewer department.
  3. It takes forever to get the server to bring you your check.  You must motion to them, and say “Listo por la quinta”.  La Quinta – name of an American hotel chain means, bring the check!
  4. The tip is included in the bill.  Silly Americans leave extra money all the time.  The Spaniards love that!
  5. A Spaniard will give you an answer to a question even if they do not know the answer.  Directions are their favorite.
  6. People do not walk around eating or drinking on the streets.
  7. The streets are CLEAN and most graffiti is tastefully done as art instead of just words.  (Mostly in Granada, Alicante and Gibraltar)
  8. When you go for tapas in the evening, just order the wine … then they will serve you one tapas nummie as a sample, free.
  9. On Sunday older couples promenade arm in arm on the streets.
  10. Ham is the national food.  It is everywhere and in everything. Complete cured ham legs are hanging everywhere.  Wanna buy a ham
  11. The city bus will not take a bill larger than a 10 for payment.
  12. Living statues seem to be the new art form, as we found them everywhere we went in the old city.

    living statue (1)
    Angel girl
Wizard at work
Wizard at work

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