Alicante, Spain Revisited with Rhonda K.

Although I have been in Alicante, Spain for about 7 weeks I now get to see it through Rhonda’s eyes and with new experiences. And, we have had some interesting experiences.

We took the big ALSA bus from Granada to Alicante on Thursday. We were seated in the second row. 4 young travelers were seated across the first row. We did not have any conversation with these people, even when we stopped for a quick lunch break. We never heard them speaking English. However, when the bus stopped and we all got off (after the drug dog and police boarded the bus and removed 2 guys) Rhonda heard them speak English and asked them where they were from. You will never guess … or maybe you would. SEATTLE.

Well, one thing led to another and we discovered — and we could not have planned this no matter how hard we tried — that the young girl, was the daughter of a woman who worked with Rhonda and I at the MILLIONAIR CLUB CHARITY, in Seattle!

How spectacularly wierd!

She was traveling with 2 friends for several months and they had been in Granada the same time as we were.  And, here’s the proof!

Impossible meeting

We were “knackered” (an English phrase I picked up) when we arrived in Alicante and decided to just find a place near the beach to eat, and then go to the hotel.

The hotel facade is based on El Cid (Don Quixote) whose author, Miguel de Cervantes  was a resident of Alicante.  We were whipped, and pretty much fell into bed.  It wasn’t until about an hour later that the toilet handle came off in my hand and it was downhill from there. Needless to say, we were/are not happy campers at the hotel.  Hotel Mio Cid photo

However, the days have been full of little pleasures like:   (click photos to enlarge )Soho Coffee in the park Morning coffee at Soho

Then we strolled down the Esplanade to the beach so Rhonda could put her toes in the Mediterranean for her birthday (tomorrow).  It was colder than she expected.  I made her go back in after taking her photo with her camera, so I could take some with mine. With dried feet and warm sun we had a glass of wine and munchies.


After the wine and munchies … by the way, who knows what Dogfish is?

Dry feet, warm sun, and off to have some wineDoes anyone know what Dogfish is

Fed and warm, we continued our day to the Castillo Santa Barbara, the focal point in Alicante, shown in the background of this beach shot.  And, no we did not walk up, we took the interior elevator at the tunnel to the right of the sign for the Castle.Entrance to Castillo Santa Barbara

The shot below is Alicante from the castle   ……..   and the iron men protecting the castle.

Alicante from the CastleIron men guarding the castle

Iron men protect the castle as in days of old

Coffee at the Castle where we met 3 English Soccer coaches.
Coffee at the Castle where we met 3 English Soccer coaches. There was a big England/Spain game last night.  One of the coaches was nice enough to take this photo of us.  They were only here for 3 days, but had many travel stories to share about their teams and games.

The 3 coaches who took our photo

I took this shot as they walked towards the exit ..don’t know who the guy is walking into the picture.

After the castle, we decided we needed some ice cream.  Some tough decisions had to be made, but we stepped up to the plate and did it.

ice cream

We also visited (the 2nd time for me) the Volvo Open Ocean Race Museum because I knew Rhonda would like it as much as I did.

Educational.  Inspirational.  Awesome ocean power.  Fun interactive activities. I left both times holding my breath!IMG_1997 (2)


Pirates of the Caribbean boat, Alicante

You can compare the size of this boat, by checking me out, at the bottom right hand side.  Rhonda could not even get the entire boat into the photo.  If you go back to my Blog:  Hola From Spain you can find a link to the museum site.

So, that’s it for our day ….. see you in Valencia, Spain on Tuesday.

Buenos Noche, Amigos

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